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Monday, April 5, 2010

Moral Education Class. I learned something!

5Th April 2010,
Today was the last day I need to attend this class.
During the lecture, I quite agree what my lecturer said.
He said that every sins we done are not going to get the punishment by the God, but Karma.

If that so, what is Karma?
-Karma is known as the (action-effect ).
-According to the doctrine of karma, after death a person's soul will be reborn or reincarnated and live in the body of another person or even animal.
-A person's merits in his lifetime will be rewarded and his demerits will entail punishment.
-This mean that the merits and demerits a person possesses will determine his state in the next life.
-Example: If a person who collects more merits than demerits, he may go to heaven/paradise after his death, but if a person who collects more demerits than merits, he may go to hells.

So, when we face any difficult problems, please don't blame the God, but blame yourself. This is the effect of your actions in your preexistence. God is kindness, God will not going to punish anyone. God will only show the ways on how to overcome those problems.
Actually it is a blessing to get the punishment from the Karma, so that we can face our next life smoothly. Punishment is done just to help us to get rid of the demerits. Hence, if we facing any difficulty, please accept the fact with open heart.

OK.... Start from now, we should practice good habits to make ourself happy everydays.
1. We should learn see through(看破) and let go(放下).
2. Face every problems with positive thinking as those problems are the tests made by the God to human.
3. Don't easily despair and give up.
4. Stand up from where you fall down.
5. Don't get involve in any social ills.
6. Say 'NO' to crime such as drugs.
7. Don't let 'POWER' and 'MONEY' make you blind.

There are a lot of tips yet I have not share here. Just remember, please collect merits and get rid of those sin!

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