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Friday, April 9, 2010

History of Malaysia

The impact of the Japanese Occupation:-

A) Economy:
1.Railway, bridges and road were all destroyed.
2.Rubber and tin industries were stagnant.
3.All available food stuff and resources gave to Japanese military purposes only.
4.Malayan people suffered and died of starvation.
5.Lack of the necessities of life.
6.Unlimited printing of Japanese note caused the inflation rate to increase and those note became worthless. These note was known as "banana money".

B) Social:
1.Unemployment and poverty increased rapidly.
2.More social problems happenned.
3.Malayan people sent as forced laborers to build a 250 miles railway from Siam to Burma, which is known as "Death Railway".
4.Touture and arrest were so usual.
5.More than 40,000 people were killed in a massacre lasting for days.
6.Japanese fostered communal disunity by favouring the Malays and Indians and oppressing the Chinese.
7.Japanesee made the Malays conscious and resentful of the Chinese economic power under British rule.

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