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Monday, April 5, 2010

Earth Hour! Do you run your responsibility?

On 27Th March,
8:30pm to 9:30pm in Malaysia,

"Earth Hour" was carried out by whole world to show that there will be a way out for next generation to enjoy another sun shine.
Nowadays, we could realise that everything are being polluted. The ice on north pole and south pole are melting. This may only result the penguins and polar bears in extinction. Temperature keep increasing. The air is no more fresh. I just worry that if next generations could not have even a chance to see and touch the real polar bear and penguin same as us now could not see the real dinosaurs, but just the bone. There are so many flora and fauna which are also facing extinction. As human, as one of the members of this world, we should take our responsibility to save Earth. Thus, we should support earth-saving activities, such as "Earth Hour". Besides, we should also practice "3R", which are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Let us carry out our responsibility to protect the Earth, to prove that the rumors of judgement day on 21Th December 2012 is wrong.
Here got some easy tips on how to protect the Earth:

1 .Don't litter as you like.
2 .Make 3R a habit.
3 .Produce less waste product.
4 .Don't waste food.
5 .Don't log down the trees.
6 .Create more forest reserve.
7 .Save electricity and water.
8 .Don't open burning.
9 .Open less electricity which could release CFC gas such as air-condition and refrigerator.
10.Try to fetch neighbours or ride neighbours' car when you guys' destination are same.
11.Plant more plants such as flowers or shrub surrounding your house.
12.If possible, plant some vegetables which do not use any chemical fertilizers, but use faeces as nature fertilizers.

Let us together say goodbye to doomsday!!!

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