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Monday, April 5, 2010

10 sen! It's not so important? Or can save one's life?

The 10sen in Malaysia

Does 10sen help?

Last month, my school had organism a very meaningful charity activity. That is:-


-This activity is mainly organismed by our school club-- Stact club (students' action club).

-Every members from this club would have to get a 'piggy bank'

-This 'piggy bank' has a similar shape as pentagon.

-This 'piggy bank' is man made and made by unused boxes. So it's environment protection.

-Every members from this club were asked to drop at least 10 sen per day into the 'piggy bank' until the end of this activity.

-This "THE POWER OF 10SEN" activity last for about 1 month.

-Every members are required to ask for donation everydays from other students in our school.

-During this activity, I also learned that cooperation really make perfect!! Because of different courses, the timetable will also different. This make the donation activity run unsmoothly. However, with the club members' help by changing shift, we finally managed to overcome the timetable problem.

-Objective of this activity shown below:-
1. This activity was carried out mainly to help those victims of earthquake in Haiti.
2. To show that 10sen can save one's life.
3. Even 10sen is small in value, but when gather up, it shown huge value.

>In Chinese, there are two quotes which suit 3rd objective: 积少成多 and 泰山不让土壤
>In Malay, there is also a 'peribahasa' which means the same meaning: Sedikit-dikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit.

Here, I'm going to advise those who do look down the 10sen. 10sen not only can save one's life, but will also affect the economy of country, so please do not waste even though it's only 10sen. If there will be an emergency, you may need it.

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