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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Picture Editor for inserting Text in VB.Net


      It had been few weeks after my last post. In this post, I will show a simple application that might be useful to some of you. A picture editor that only use for inserting text. As “picture speaks a thousand words”, I will show picture rather than explaining too much.


3First, open a picture from file menu.


Move your mouse cursor to where you want the text to be written to.
Notice that there are X and Y. X is to show mouse position X and Y is to show mouse position Y. After decide with the position, press enter and a textbox will appear at the top left. Enter the text you wish to. The font of the text can be changed by selecting from the option above.


The color of the text can also be changed by selecting from the option above.


After finish typing and changing text option, to write the string to the picture, just click on the yellow color button at the bottom right. The text will show and the button will turn green.


This is the result of the text. If you wish to save the picture, just click on the green button. If you wish to continue, you can return to above steps or you can actually insert your own X and Y position and press enter to insert text.


This picture editor will be uploaded in my website soon and I hope that it will helps someone who needs it.