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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally, I got my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

     Finally, I had decided to get my first Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 which had the largest screen among all Android smartphones before the release of HTC Desire HD.

     Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 has 8GB and 16GB interior memory and I got my 16GB in this Christmas. With 16GB of memory, I don’t need to have SD memory card. Its interior 16GB memory with 2GB of ROM is enough for me to store apps, pictures, songs and also some movies. Smile 

     I like the design of the phone and also its 4.0 inch Super AMOLED Display. Besides that, I choose Android smartphone as in my Android for Dummies post, I am actually learning how to develop Android apps. It would be useful if I had an Android phones while developing.

     If there is anyone who also developing Android, hope that you will guide me as I am not familiar with Java. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Think Rational

Now in the world, many people did not think rationally. There are so many cases of suicides happened in many types of ways. It might be just a normal suicide but it might also causing other people in danger. Suicide attack is also one of the ways of suicide.

Rational – what is rational?

“Rational = consistent with or based on or using reason; "rational behavior"; "a process of rational inference"; "rational thought" “ Quote from Google definition.

If rational behavior is easy to adapt, what will happen to the world today? Will there still be any war? Will our earth still in pollution? Is there global warming?

Who knows the answers? Anything that happened in the past could not be changed but in future by NOW, we can change the World. We can make the earth a better place. Stop any irrational thinking. Stop being selfish. Stop polluting the earth. Stop the war. In any case, please think of our next generations! Our future! Don’t think in a short-term way, think of future, think for 100 years away. What might happens in our history?

History of tomorrow is what we done today. To create a good history, think of what we going to do next. Think Rational!

PS: This is just my personal opinion. Please comment if anything is wrong.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visual Basic 2008 Tutorial on Sound Recorder

I had created a video tutorial in creating sound recorder. For those who want to get the source code and the program, please visit my website at:

Thanks for viewing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visual Basic 2008: Tabbed Web Browser

Continue from previous idea with tabbed notepad, I had created tabbed web browser. In this program, I used web browser component which is actually just another form of Internet Explorer.

This is the web browser : "My Web Browser"

For new tab function, Ctrl+T will work with a new blank page while right-click on a link and choose "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" will work with new tab. I haven't figured out how to enable the open in new tab. This web browser will be revised and there will be updates when I had figured out some new features.

Coding will be given on request.
To download the program, please visit my website at

Thanks for those who viewed. Please comment and review for my program. If there are bugs/problems, please inform me so that I will be able to fix it.