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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My first Android apps–Bit Converter


   As my friend, Meng Suan and I planned to write a program for Bit Converter in android since October 2010, he had actually completed his program on 7th November 2010 and posted on his blog while I completed mine but not for android. Mine is in Visual Basic (posted at another blog of mine which is not updated for quite a long time) while he had done it using Google App Inventor within a day but as I mentioned in my previous post that I started to work at November 2010, I had no time for new programming language and at that time, I think that Java is a very hard programming language.

   The thought changes after I had been works for 3+ months. I had learnt from my supervisor that most of the languages are almost the same. The differences between programming languages is just the syntax. He said that, if you know the concept, it won’t be difficult at all. With this kind of thinking, I try to explore more about Eclipse and Java. I had downloaded some video tutorials from here. These videos are very useful for beginner in Eclipse and Java.

The following are pictures from my emulator showing my Bit Converter apps.


The interfaces with radio buttons selection for one kilo = 1024 or one kilo = 1000.


When click on the buttons, a dialog with radio buttons will shows.


The continue of the dialog. The conversion till Petabytes (same as my bit converter in visual basic)


The output after you select the unit you wish to convert to.

To download this apps, please visit my website. Please leave comments on any curiosity.

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