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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Earth or the World going to the end?

    As the Moon is getting nearer to the Earth, rumors say that this “SuperMoon” might be the cause to Japan Earthquake. There are few scientists stated that “SuperMoon” is not the cause of Japan Earthquake. As the Earthquake occurs, it cause tsunami and effecting about 52 countries in the Earth (correct me if I am wrong).

   Previously, an independent Christian group in the U.S. predicted that 21st May 2011 is the End. With the Earthquake in Japan and the “SuperMoon” that coming soon in 19th March 2011, many might believe that doomsday is coming. I believed that there were many that asked a similar question before, “One thing that you want to do when you going to die.” May be those who view this post might want to share your wanted to do thing before doomsday. You are welcome to leave comment. As for me, I would like to learn more things before doomsday.

   As from my post title, I am actually curious about the saying of doomsday. Many said that doomsday == the end of World. As from here, I would like to ask, is the “World” here means the Earth, or the Universe? Does it include the Galaxy? Is doomsday apply to the Earth only or it is actually apply to the Universe?

Hope I will get my answer and hope everyone will pray for the World or may be the Earth.

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  1. The moon is currently moving farther away from the earth, at approximately 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year. Full discussion found at SO DONT WORRY GUYS! ;)