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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visual Basic 2008: Tabbed Web Browser

Continue from previous idea with tabbed notepad, I had created tabbed web browser. In this program, I used web browser component which is actually just another form of Internet Explorer.

This is the web browser : "My Web Browser"

For new tab function, Ctrl+T will work with a new blank page while right-click on a link and choose "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" will work with new tab. I haven't figured out how to enable the open in new tab. This web browser will be revised and there will be updates when I had figured out some new features.

Coding will be given on request.
To download the program, please visit my website at

Thanks for those who viewed. Please comment and review for my program. If there are bugs/problems, please inform me so that I will be able to fix it.

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