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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Think Rational

Now in the world, many people did not think rationally. There are so many cases of suicides happened in many types of ways. It might be just a normal suicide but it might also causing other people in danger. Suicide attack is also one of the ways of suicide.

Rational – what is rational?

“Rational = consistent with or based on or using reason; "rational behavior"; "a process of rational inference"; "rational thought" “ Quote from Google definition.

If rational behavior is easy to adapt, what will happen to the world today? Will there still be any war? Will our earth still in pollution? Is there global warming?

Who knows the answers? Anything that happened in the past could not be changed but in future by NOW, we can change the World. We can make the earth a better place. Stop any irrational thinking. Stop being selfish. Stop polluting the earth. Stop the war. In any case, please think of our next generations! Our future! Don’t think in a short-term way, think of future, think for 100 years away. What might happens in our history?

History of tomorrow is what we done today. To create a good history, think of what we going to do next. Think Rational!

PS: This is just my personal opinion. Please comment if anything is wrong.

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