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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sudoku game with 9x9 and 16x16 by VB.Net

Recently, I am quite lazy to update this blog. I had done this Sudoku game since last month. This Sudoku game will randomly create and user is provided with option for 9x9 and 16x16. For 9x9 Sudoku game, the apps will generate in just few seconds. For 16x16 game, I am still figuring out how to make the game generate faster. It might took up to 2-3 minutes to generate for 16x16 Sudoku (sometimes just few seconds).

At here I will show so picture of the game and I will upload the game for downloading in my website asap.

imageThe interface for 9x9 Sudoku game

image image

The interface for 16x16 Sudoku game without and with solution shown.

Please comment and also for those who want to have a look in this source code, please leave me your email at the comment so that I can send you the sources.


  1. How to get sudoku game source codes pls help me

  2. Please leave your email so that I can send you the source code.

  3. thanks dude

  4. @jiro i am also want this source code

    please can u sand to this mail id

  5. @jiro : i am also need this source code, please send to my email :

    thks for share :)

    1. Sorry @John.
      I failed to send to your email. Please provide me another email address.

  6. send me source code

  7. Hy Jiro! Could You please send the source code to my email too?:
    I would be very greatful for it. Thx!

  8. send me source code at