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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Google AdWords Free Voucher to share.


          Here, I would like to share my Google AdWords voucher which given free by Google to me. This voucher can be used for advertising. The voucher value is RM125 and might be useful to those who planned to start out a small business. Since I had nothing to advertise, I shared it here for someone who need it. This voucher can only be claimed once so FIRST COME FIRST GET.

          Reminder, this voucher is for those who don’t have Google AdWords account. You will need to sign up here. This may require you to pay a minimum of RM20* activation fee.

When you sign up, there is a called ‘Promotional Code’ field where you can enter unique voucher code(including dashes). You can enter the following code to claim free RM125.


The voucher expires on 15th May 2011.


*The activation fee might not be the latest. Refer to Google AdWords for confirmation.

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