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Friday, November 5, 2010

Giving Away free google adwords voucher

I received Google adwords voucher since last week but I not planing to use it. The expiry date is at 31st October 2010 with RM150.00, and expire at 12nd November 2010 with RM100.00.
This means that for those who going to sign up for Google adwords advertising, you can redeem RM100.00 once between 5th November 2010 till 12nd November 2010.

The voucher code is:

This redeem voucher is applicable for those who want to sign up for new adwords account only.
And it can be redeemed once only with the expiring date on 12nd November 2010.
The value of redeem would be RM100.00 and first come first get.

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