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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Free Screen Capture Program by VB.NET

       My new program coded in VB.Net called SCapture. SCapture is a screen capture program with the following function in capturing: 
  1. Capture the screen with a fixed Rectangular size.
  2. Capture the screen with an adjustable Rectangular.
  3. Capture an active window.
  4. Capture full screen.
Beside that, it also has setting to save the captured image in:
  1. Edit with paint 
  2. Copy to Clipboard for Paste
  3. Save in Directory
Here is a video that shows how it works.

In this post, I will explain about how the concept that I use in this program.
      To capture the program with rectangular size (also for adjustable size), once capture button is clicked or when shortcut key is pressed, a window form with a Picture box appear. The picture box show the screen as image and just simple mouse click and drag will draw a rectangular. In adjustable mode, the rectangular can be adjust after drew.

In later post, I will show my coding (Only if I got some reviews in comments) . For those who want to try this SCapture program, you can download it from my website. Please feel free to leave comments. Thank you.


  1. Thanks. This looks like an amazing application. however you download page isnt working. Could you upload and give me a link?

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