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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple Color Picker

I had been lazy to update this blog for few months. Today, I will be showing one of my simple project. I had been doing web design for the last few months and I found out that picking a color is quite a difficult job. I design a simple color picker application.
This application is quite simple but might be a bit lagging when moving the mouse around to pick color. I am lazy to fix some of the bugs since it didn't cause any error.

I will show the step of using the program and for those who interested, you can download the program at here.

Step 1:
Start the program.

The program will look like the above picture.

Set your shortcut keys by checking the checkbox and choosing your key from the combo box.
Press the set button to Set it.
Then press Stand by button to start monitoring.

Step 2:

Press the shortcut keys you set before. In this example was (Alt +1 ). After that, you can start clicking on anywhere you want on your desktop.

The color that show in the panel above the picture was the color that you pick. You may move your mouse around (might cause lagging) and when you got your color, press enter.
If you check on the checkbox for "Copy Color Picker Code to Clipboard", then the color code (as what you can see from the picture "Color[A=255, R=104, G=165, B=64]") will be copy.
You can also press escape to stop picking. Nothing will be copied to the clipboard when escape was press.

Hope you enjoy the program. Please report any bug to me if you want it to be solved.
I will try to solve if possible.

For those who want to download, please visit my website at here.

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